Yola Debuts Video For “Diamond Studded Shoes”

Yola follows getting four nominations in the 62nd Grammy awards — including one at the all-genre Best New Artist group — using an impressive record of new statements, such as that of her next studio record, Stand Up For Myself, due July 30, and it’s lead single, “Diamond Studded Shoes.””The movie is in part motivated by the Truman Show and is all about being trapped in a fictitious construct,” the artist notes through a media release.

“It’s allegedly perfect, but you are trapped in a life which was not meant for you. I wished to convey the sensation that whatever you know to be true isn’t really working the way it is supposed to. The island in the end is really a paradigm of psychological conditioning, we’re trapped on an island of our own believing, until we alter it.”Much deeper, ” she adds,”

This tune explores the fictitious divides created to divert us from those that are in control of the vast majority of the planet’s riches and apply the divide and conquer’ strategy to maintain it.

This tune calls on us to combine and turn our attention to people who have a stranglehold on humankind “Yola has also declared that she’ll be one of several artists to do in both Newport Folk and Newport Jazz at precisely the exact same season when she joins the lineup of the two occasions this summer. She’ll also be doing dates for Chris Stapleton’s rescheduled excursion in 2021 and will headline The Ryman Auditorium on March 3, 2022.

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