Where Did It Go by Richard Berger / A journey of Love & Loss

Meet Richard Berger:

LA-based neo-psychedelic synth-pop artist, Richard Berger has just released his debut album Where Did It Go.

Berger is a solo performer and sings, plays guitar and keyboard, writes and producers all of his music. He has been writing his own songs since high school but became serious about it in college.

His music is dreamy, with big synths and psychedelic soundscapes. His musical development has been strongly influenced by artists such as The Beatles, Steely Dan, Tame Impala and Homeshake.

His debut album Where Did It Go has just been released and is a collection of songs inspired by experiences during different stages of a relationship.

Where Did It Go:

All of the songs on this album relate to some aspect of a relationship. Berger takes us on a journey from uncertainty, to unrequited love, yearning, complications, loss of communication and heartbreak.

Berger incorporates breathy vocals, reverb and slow to mid-tempo emotive melodies to communicate intense emotions. We experience his feelings of sentimentality, desire, exasperation, confusion, heartbreak and eventually, love again.

Berger’s music and lyrics deliver beautiful insight into deeply personal experiences, offering comfort and understanding to others going through similar situations.

“Where Did It Go” is a particularly heart touching song. Berger expertly communicates the sadness and loss that we all feel when we know a relationship is over, but don’t understand why. And the desperation of trying to hold on to what you had.

The second to last song on the album, “All The Love” is a joyful and positive expression of a loving relationship. This transmits hope that there is love again after heartbreak.

Listeners will easily connect with the stories unfolded in this album and if you enjoy music from artists such as Tame Impala and Homeshake, then Richard Berger will fit perfectly on your playlist.

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What’s next?

Berger is already working on new music and has revealed that there may be a new EP release soon.

In the meantime, he has a message for all his listeners: “Thanks for listening. It is always great to connect with someone with my music”.

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