RYN SCOTT’s powerful & captivating new release “Way Far Away”


RYN SCOTT is an up and coming rap/hip-hop artist and writer based in Michigan who was recently signed to Bassment Sounds 2.0 with Jake Bass.

Music and writing have always been a major part of SCOTT’s life. For as long as he can remember he has been a writer, which started by writing little poems at school. And music was a portal out of reality, a place he could escape to as a kid and forget about everything.

Sparks ignited when he started to write to beat’s online and recording his tracks. His humble beginnings were with a magix program and a needle microphone that came with his parent’s Gateway computer, which he uploaded onto MySpace to share with his listeners.

When we asked SCOTT, what got you into music, his reply was: “I’d say the feeling it gives me. I’ve never found anything that matches it. I want to give that same feeling back through my own music. Music is universal, it moves the world”.


His new release “Way Far Away” is an addictive track that seriously showcases SCOTT’s wow factor. He wrote this song during the 2020 COVID lockdown. He told us: “that feeling of claustrophobia was setting in and I just wanted to go somewhere far away, “way far away”.

This is a powerful song and SCOTT delivers an impressively speedy vocal performance, which is difficult to keep up with at times. Even more impressive, is that it is with perfect pronunciation.

SCOTT is an expert storyteller and paints a vivid image in our mind’s eye through powerful lyrics such as “why do we rush? Why are we fighting for time when time isn’t fighting for us. So I’m heading where you won’t find me, both eyes on the road to the old pine trees”.

The intensity of this song builds through SCOTT’s break-neck speed rapping. As we reach an intense high the chorus swoops in with a slow-tempo interlude incorporating a sick electric guitar riff and sultry vocals. The combination creates a perfect balance which is pure genius.

SCOTT’s artistry, rhythmic verses and poetic storytelling will impress any listener. If you enjoy music from artists such as Macklemore and Logic, then RYN SCOTT will fit perfectly on your hip-hop and rap playlist.

Listen to this powerful track and watch the music video right here…




Keep an eye out for more exciting releases coming soon from RYN SCOTT. In the meantime, SCOTT has a message for his listeners: “Believe in something. Find your why and move towards it. Whatever you do in life, make it genuine, make it mean something. You can do it. Nothing is unattainable. I hope my music makes you better. I hope you can find yourself an escape through one of my songs. And THANK YOU for listening”.

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