All About That Bass – Szigeti Juli / Addictively uplifting Electro-Swing

Meet Szigeti Juli:

Neo swing band, Szigeti Juli from Budapest, Hungary, have just released their latest single “All About That Bass”. An electro-swing remake of the pop song by Meghan Trainor.

The band was founded in 2019 by Juli after she returned home from her travels in China and Europe. During this time abroad Juli gained much experience and knowledge from her competitions in talent contests, tours, open mics and jam sessions.

On her return to Budapest, she had finally found her path and formed her band in the genre that connected with her the most, electro-swing.

The band consists of four members; Juli on lead vocals, Apor, a drummer on a drum pad, Zoli, the guitarist and Máté, a saxophonist. All musicians studied at the Jazz Academy in Hungary and together they are creating inspiring and uplifting music.

All About That Bass:

Szigeti Juli is absolutely in love with this pop banger and even though they already made a jazzy cover of “All About That Bass” a few years ago, they just couldn’t resist making a new version, produced by the prolific Wolfgang Lohr from Berlin and his label, Electro-Swing Thing Records.

This uplifting and energising song will have your body involuntary moving and grooving from the first few beats, with its blend of old-time swing and electrifying electro sounds.

The song moves through varied tempos, from upbeat high energy saxophone infused musical explosions, to slow seductive drawn-out vocal deliveries. Giving listeners an injection of a multitude of sensations.

The old-time sound effect applied to the soundscape and vocal delivery invokes feelings of nostalgia mixed with the modern-day euphoria of the electro additions.

Juli dazzles listeners with her sultry sounding, captivating vocals and uplifting performance which is the perfect winning combo.

The music video is fantastically entertaining with inspiring swing dancing performed by Juli along with her beautifully infectious smile that will brighten your heart and lift your spirits.

It’s impossible not to love this song which delivers a potent dose of happy energising vibes. If you enjoy music from artists such as Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar, then Szigeti Juli will fit perfectly on your electro-swing playlist.

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